Brand development & rejuvenation
Don’t be a Blockbuster*

The symptoms


  • Your business has outgrown your original branding.
  • You sense your customers’ preferences are changing.
  • You notice new competitors are disrupting your current business model.
  • Bigger companies with more resources are moving into your space.
  • You feel that you are slow to react.
  • Your competitors used to copy you, now you’re following them.
  • But you’re still profitable and a leader. And change is hard.
  • You are becoming a less attractive employer.
  • You’re concerned about, or struggling with, digitalisation.
  • You wonder how long you can keep going in this way.

The problem


Over the last decade, we’ve seen an explosion of new touch points. Today, brand experiences play out through sound, motion and voice as well as the established formats. Add to that a plethora of social channels and it’s clear why you can’t control your brand experiences like you did before.

Customers have changed. They demand real time delivery, contact on their terms (and channels) and they want to know that brands match their values. The same is true of the people you employ. Without them on board, you’ll struggle to lift your brand out of your current state.

To stay relevant, brands and organisations need to articulate their purpose clearly, but also act accordingly. A face lift isn’t enough, in the digital age brands need new governance. It starts with your own people. When they become part of your story and have the tools that really help them in their daily life, they – and your brand – will thrive.

How it worked for Lichfields


The leading UK planning consultancy, Lichfields are successful, but felt competitors were catching up and copying them. So they decided to rebrand from a position of strength.

We delivered the branding through an inclusive process, listening and working with people from all levels. We trained them in the use of tone of voice and the visual system to keep the brand fresh. And we completely revamped the website. It has become a go-to place for thought leadership and now has tens of thousands of industry followers.

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*The history of brands is littered with companies like Blockbuster, Kodak and Nokia – iconic leaders that failed to adapt to a shift in their markets.