We first delivered this quiz on 29th November 2017 at our pop-up pub The Sans & Serif, as part of our annual end-of-year event. Read more about that here.

We wanted to share it with the wider world – maybe test your friends and family over the festive season? High score to beat is 36 and a half, out of a maximum 54 points.
Note: this is aimed at a general audience, not design dorks. No Googling. Answers are here.

To get you started; a warm up…

Typographic anagrams: name the five system fonts

cheat evil
I go Rage
wartimes on men
atonal pi

And now, the full quiz…

1. We look at the Google logo every day. What colour is the L?

2. The original “Marlboro man” died in 2008. What was his cause of death?

3. The latest Bond film Spectre had the most product placement of any in the series. How many brands are featured?

4. Three celebrities advertising three brands. Which brand are they endorsing?

5. What connects these brands? Oxo, Hoover, Woolworth.

6. The red and white Coca-Cola logo is recognized by what percentage of the world’s adult population – 76%, 84% or 94%?

7. Four airlines with four bird symbols. Name the airline for each.

8. Three unlikely celebrity endorsement deals. Which one of these didn’t really happen?
​– Roger Federer and Flymo Lawnmowers
– Bob Dylan and Victoria’s Secret
– Snopp Dogg and Norton Antivirus software

9. Name the brand from the jingle (close your eyes!)
Part A
Part B
Part C

10. Half a Starbucks logo. Draw the rest from memory.

11. Typography. Which of these is the genuine BBC logo?

12. What does “vorsprung durch technik” mean?

13. Which World Cup did each of these mascots represent? Year and location, please.

14. Fill in the missing word(s) from the tagline (and each brand for a bonus point)
A. Impossible is…
B. Because I’m…
C. The ultimate…

15. Three H’s. Spot the brand.

16. Logo for the Arabic market. Who is it?

17. Branding in the news – UKIP revealed a new logo in 2017, widely ridiculed for being a rip-off of which other recent logo design?

18. Which one Western European country has no branches of McDonalds at all?

19. Whose original logo was this?

20. Country branding. Which country owns each of these blobby multicoloured shapes?

21. What’s the most widely stated brand value among the top 200 global brands?

22. According to Forbes, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple and are the world’s most valuable brands, but in which order?

23. What animal is in each of these three logos, and what are they doing for a bonus point?
– Hermes
​– Nestlé

Answers here

Joseph Harries is Design Director at GW+Co