Questions to the quiz posted here. Or read more about the original Sand & Serif pub quiz event.

The warm up…

Typographic anagrams: name the five system fonts (1pt each)

cheat evil – helvetica
I go Rage – georgia
wartimes on men – times new roman
moccasins – comic sans
atonal pi – palatino

The rest…

1. We look at the Google logo every day. What colour is the L?
– Green (1pt)

2. The original “Marlboro man” died in 2008. What was his cause of death?
– Lung cancer (1pt)

3. The latest Bond film Spectre had the most product placement of any in the series. How many brands are featured?
– 17 (1pt for anything between 12 and 22)

4. Three celebrities advertising three brands. Which brand are they endorsing? (3pts)
– (l-r) Chanel, Nespresso, Dolce & Gabbana

5. What connects these brands? Oxo, Hoover, Woolworth.
– They all have a building named after them (1pt)

6. The red and white Coca-Cola logo is recognized by what percentage of the world’s adult population – 76%, 84% or 94%?
– 94% (1pt)

7. Four airlines with four bird symbols. Name the airline for each.
– (l-r) Lufthansa, Singapore, American, Malaysian (4pts)

8. Three unlikely celebrity endorsement deals. Which one of these didn’t really happen? (1pt)
​– Roger Federer and Flymo Lawnmowers

9. Name the brand from the jingle (close your eyes!) (3pts)
– Intel, Nokia, T-Mobile

10. Half a Starbucks logo. Draw the rest from memory.
– (2pt maximum – judge each other’s for effort!)

11. Typography. Which of these is the genuine BBC logo?
– A (1pt)

12. What does “vorsprung durch technik” mean?
– Advantage through technology (1pt)

13. Which World Cup did each of these mascots represent? Year and location, please.
– (l-r) Italia 90, Spain ’82, Germany ’06 (3pts)

14. Fill in the missing word(s) from the tagline (and each brand for a bonus point)
A. Impossible is… nothing (adidas)
B. Because I’m… worth it (L’Oreal)
C. The ultimate… driving machine (BMW) (6pts total)

15. Three H’s. Spot the brand.
– (l-r) H&M, Holiday Inn, Harrods (3pts)

16. Logo for the Arabic market. Who is it?
– FedEx (1pt)

17. Branding in the news – UKIP revealed a new logo in 2017, widely ridiculed for being a rip-off of which other recent logo design?
– Premier League (1pt)

18. Which one Western European country has no branches of McDonalds at all?
– Iceland (1pt)

19. Whose original logo was this?
– Apple (1pt)

20. Country branding. Which country owns each of these blobby multicoloured shapes?
– (l-r) Brazil, Bahamas, Spain (3pts)

21. What’s the most widely stated brand value among the top 200 global brands?
– Innovative/Innovation (1pt)

22. According to Forbes, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple and are the world’s most valuable brands, but in which order?
​– (1-4) Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook (1pt)

23. What animal is in each of these three logos, and what are they doing for a bonus point?
– HMV: dog, listening to a gramaphone
– Hermes: horse, pulling a cart
​– Nestlé: bird, feeding chicks/in a nest (6pts total)

Joseph Harries is Design Director at GW+Co