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Manufacturing (Lighting)

Work undertaken

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Tone of Voice
Video Installation
Marketing Communications
Employee Training Workshops


As with many industries, the lighting business has seen rapid technological innovation in recent times with the arrival of internet-enabled products, advanced data collection and user customisation. These changes disrupt existing business models and fundamentally change the way the lighting industry works.

Zumtobel Group’s response to these changes was to test the feasibility of a new services division that would revolutionise the way people buy and use lighting. We were part of the journey from the start, developing different business models for the Board to consider. Once the decision was made, we worked with the leadership to flesh out the positioning, develop the brand identity and train the teams.


During the early strategic work we defined, named and structured the Group services to create a brand architecture that would be able to expand significantly in the future. We then created a brand identity that was simple and immediately identifiable, yet also flexible enough to adapt to the specialist needs of each service.

Data-based services

Lighting controls

Finance services

Emergency lighting services

Design solution

Our creative solution is built on the very simple idea of connection – a visual language of colour-coded ‘hotspots’ that join together in a fluid, connected network. This gives ZGS a unified but adaptable toolkit of illustrations, icons, interactive UI elements and more.


The brand launched with a large-scale interactive display at Euroshop 2017, the world’s leading retail trade fair, that proved an instant hit and became the main attraction of the Group stand. Since then, ZGS has become well established within Zumtobel Group’s portfolio, and is seen by many as the key brand for its future success.


ZGS started very small and grew very fast, so we worked very closely with the team to reflect the ongoing achievements. As the division progressed, the vision became clearer and more ambitious. To create a real sense of shared purpose, we gathered key ZGS people for a global Brand Ambassador workshop over two days in Berlin.

The exercises we ran proved hugely successful in both creating excitement for the shared mission and defining concrete milestones. As the lead creative agency, we have also set the bar for campaign work around ZGS products. We’re setting standards for local agencies through briefings and workshops as well as providing inspiring campaign ideas.

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