“This was more than a visual identity project. It was a strategic one. It reconnected the whole organisation with its origins.”
Moving forward by going back to your roots

Control Techniques is an innovative, global drive specialist with a long entrepreneurial history. After a meteoric rise, the company was bought and integrated into a large corporation, losing its spirit and sales in the process. A new parent company brought in a CEO with an ambition to become a significant player on the global stage again.

The road to freedom – collaboration, honesty and confidence

Control Techniques bought into GW+Co’s roadmap for change by aligning strategy, culture and brand at all levels of the organisation.
A series of workshops with the whole management brought the key challenges out in the open.

Collectively, we developed a Business Compass, defining the company’s purpose, strategic priorities, values and voice, to rejuvenate the brand. This included the integration of management data reporting, solving the problem of how to connect the brand strategy to the corporate requirements of the parent company.

Drive obsessed
Being Drive Obsessed

Drives control power and speed in anything mechanical or automated, from elevators, cranes, theatre equipment, Formula 1 to satellite dishes on mountain tops, and much more. They are the unseen superheroes without which the modern world wouldn’t function.

The drives market is dominated by large engineering firms for whom drives are just a small part of their business. Control Techniques are specialists who don’t do anything else.

This allowed us to write the Control Techniques story, one only they could own: products as super heroes and Control Techniques as their positively obsessed inventors.

Control Techniques posters


A rejuvenated rebel

The programme resulted in:
  • An aligned management team with shared goals
  • Increased awareness and pride in the company’s story
  • An energised Marketing and Sales team
  • A suite of easy-to-use tools that the teams leveraged to great effect and with impressive results
Social media following
“Control Techniques might not be the biggest player in the UK market, but perception amongst the industry suggests they are.”
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Has your brand lost its mojo?