The innovative spirit of a ‘fintech’ startup and the authority of a stock exchange

Financial Services/FinTech

Work undertaken

Experience Mapping
UX (User Experience)
UI (User Interface Design)
Website Design
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Marketing Communications


The UK has fallen in love with crowd funding, but few are thinking about their exit. Asset Match provides a much needed secondary market in quality private companies. As they grow in stature, we were asked to build the brand and create a best-in-class user experience.


A new logo and visual language was inspired by the name itself – ‘assets’ as something quite precious and jewel-like, and ‘matching’ represented by a coming together of two colours to make a third.

User experience

High Net Worth individuals are a special group of investors. We talked to them at length, mapping their experiences. The insights we gained have shaped the final platform.

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