Culture and talent
Your people are the key to a successful customer experience.

The symptoms


  • You’re struggling with customer feedback.
  • You find people prefer to work at your competitors.
  • You might be doing well in some rankings but you know it doesn’t reflect the true situation.
  • You have a set of values but nobody remembers them.
  • You have staff retention issues.
  • You are struggling with cultural differences across international teams.
  • You are finding it hard reconciling different generations and their expectations.
  • You’re struggling with succession, from millennials to the board room.

The problem


You can’t not have a culture. The question is, is it designed and nurtured or just an amalgamation of habits and the quirks of management? If in doubt, have a look at Glassdoor. It doesn’t lie.

Culture is still undervalued in many organisations. Yet it is the most overlooked piece of customer experience strategy. Because the marketing and people functions are rarely aligned, employer branding is often looked at as separate from external branding for no other reason that it sits in the HR department and external brand sits in Marketing.

But employer branding can’t be done in isolation. Future employees are often also current customers.

And if you’re an international business, the chances are that you underestimate how seemingly trivial cultural differences are creating big problems amongst your teams.

Conversely, when handled in the right way, culture is a catalyst for achieving your strategy, for growing your brand and for delighting your customers.

How this worked for Paypal


The PayPal People team in EMEA is small in size and huge in geographical spread. With a new people strategy in place that needed to be communicated across two continents, we devised a campaign and way of working designed to foster a team spirit within the virtual team. We engaged people from all over the business, and helped communicate the new people strategy across EMEA based around a core manifesto and brought to life through many creative ad hoc campaigns and ideas.

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