“The great new era of reporting”
The challenge

Lenzing Group is a worldwide supplier of sustainable fibers for the textile and nonwoven (health and hygiene) industries. They are committed to leading the transformation of their industry – and the whole planet – from a linear ‘take-make-use-dispose-pollute’ model to a circular ‘make-use-reuse-remake-recycle’ model.

The decision to make the 2021 Lenzing Group Annual Report fully digital represents a milestone on this transformation journey, diversifying audiences for corporate and sustainability reporting while further reducing environmental impact. We teamed with digital report technology provider, Nexxar, to make Lenzing’s first online report a reality.

The key theme

We came up with ‘Linear to Circular’. A simple narrative device that expresses the nature of Lenzing’s transition from the linear to circular business model. It positions Lenzing as Champions of Circularity, leading the way by constantly balancing the need for profit and growth with respect for people and nature.

Video interviews and quotes are used to put Lenzing’s people at the heart of the report. Their passion and inspiring ambitions for Lenzing exemplifies a business that is trying to do good in this world.

The circular model

The circular model explains the lifecycle of Lenzing’s products. Wood, Pulp, Fiber, Fabric, Soil. This model
 is used as a navigation device in the report, with a simple graphic language, that introduces the success stories from the past year. These real life stories give context to the report’s financial data, providing a more meaningful connection to readers. This is especially important for colleagues who struggle to connect their daily work with the better environmental choices we all have to make.

Lenzing 2021 annual report on phones
Accessible anywhere

The mobile experience allows the report to be viewed by a global audience. More than 40% of visitors use a mobile device.

The results

Lenzing’s first annual report has received:

  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback, both internally and externally.
  • More than 8,600 visits and 22,000 page views in the first four weeks.
  • Double the expected visits to the English version.
  • Greater international reach with a huge spike in South East Asia.
“This not only makes our reporting more user-friendly, but also takes place exactly where the majority of our users are – online.”

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