“The Sales team are changed people.”
Get ready for change

Identec Solutions is a B2B innovator in IIOT (Industrial Internet Of Things). When the pandemic hit the world, Identec Solutions lost the option to travel to face-to-face meetings, a key touchpoint in the sales process. A transformation of that process and brand was required to adapt to new circumstances.

Transformation through engagement

Our clients’ people are at the heart of any business change. With Identec Solutions, we developed an agile branding and sales transformation programme, solving the most pressing problems first and building on those first successes. We started by defining the purpose and value propositions for the business and its verticals. Through close collaboration and dialogue, we then developed a bold idea and story which captured the challenges that they face. This allowed us to define the brand architecture and create an identity that built on what was already there.

In the process, we also identified the cultural pain points to help shape future behaviours and mindset. This approach empowered people, and gave them ownership every step of the way. It ensured the business adopted the bold idea, Sales embraced the content marketing strategy, and everyone understood the importance of values.

MUDA, the productivity killer

Productivity challenges come in many shapes and forms, from time lost searching for people and components to not having important data when you need it. This leads to waste, the productivity killer – MUDA.

MUDA is the Japanese word meaning wastefulness. It was adopted as a concept in Lean business process re-engineering, where it represents the opposite of value-added work. MUDA is value-subtracted work.

At scale, MUDA is a multi-billion dollar problem, draining vast amounts of value from businesses.

From a communications perspective, MUDA, and its creative and physical manifestation in the form of monsters, has enabled Identec Solutions to connect with their audiences on a much more emotional level. In an engineering world where facts and figures are dominant, it was a very unexpected approach.

Identec website
Identec posters
Type on vest
Identec typeface
Identec poster
A business transformed

The programme resulted in:

  • Clear value propositions that are understood company-wide.
  • A unified story, with a bold and distinctive brand identity.
  • Marketing and sales material, created in collaboration, that is loved by customers for its clarity and depth.
  • A digital sales process where contracts can be closed remotely.
  • Teams are more aligned and employees have a better understanding of the role of values.
  • A stronger sense of togetherness and pride in the company.
“If you want beautiful design you have your choice of agencies. If you want business change, you choose GW+Co.”

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