“It is both a statement of intent and a guide to our decision making which will support our ambitious growth plans.”

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Transforming Accsys

The Accsys story was one of a chemicals company, not one sustainably transforming wood. Their products are genuinely world-changing, but this was not the focus when presenting the business itself.

We carried out extensive face-to-face interviews across all levels, from the CEO and the Board to scientific advisers, chemical engineers, R&D leaders to machine operators and administration. By consolidating and committing all these thoughts, plans, sentiments and ideas into the new brand, it became a statement of what Accsys stand for.

The key insight was that everyone at Accsys loves wood. As one machine operator told us: “I used to work in synthetic rubbers. I never told anyone about my work. Now I talk about it to my friends in the pub.” We knew the wood had to be front and centre, but equally important was the impact they were making.

The new purpose captures contribution and impact;

Changing wood to change the world

The vision coming alive

To show the vision coming alive, an interactive world map can be filled up with case studies as more and more people use sustainable Accsys wood products across the world.

Purpose driving strategy

In this year’s Annual Report, the purpose features prominently, and a section has been given to explain the new strategic priorities we identified in our workshops with the management team.

An ambitious vision

With management, we defined a new target by which to measure growth: to have an Accsys product in every major city in the world.

Creative solution – a mark of quality

We designed the new logo as a ‘mark of quality’, that could be used on products to indicate that this isn’t just any ordinary wood. The mark conveys the feeling of wood, the circular economy, and has just a hint of the company name. As the brand grows it could become synonymous with the highest quality, like other household marks.


The hidden ingredient

The mark can be used in two patterns that represent the two product types that Accsys produce, wooden planks and woodchip boards, as if seen under the microscope at molecular level.

Change made visible

The new purpose inspired a messaging structure based on ‘change’. Using the new logo mark as the point where change happens, images and words can combine to create ‘from/to’ messages about Accsys’ unique technology.

“It has become something that, as a company and as individuals, we can both stand behind and display proudly;
it is both a statement of intent and a guide to our decision making as we make progress, giving us a strong, clear corporate identity which will support our ambitious growth plans.”
Our impact

Accsys has seen product volumes increase by 33% as of the company’s latest published statement (30 Sept). They are progressing with plans to expand globally, including a potential plant in Malaysia. The business is using its new strategic platform as a base for decision making.


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