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The Evolution of the Brand Consultant: From Generation to (Re)Generation

Ladder to the sky

The Evolution of the Brand Consultant: Breaking the Chains of Corporate Addiction


The Evolution of Brand Consultants: By Design, Not by Accident

Collaborative Conversations

In this series of short briefings, experts from GW+Co’s network discuss some of the things they see happening, explain the implications, and outline actions you can take.

Downward Spiral

‘Decruitment’​ – same issue new buzzword

All hands in

Rebranding? Think Outcomes, Not Outputs

Working together

People Are a Brand’s Most Valuable Assets – Why Not Involve Them?

Who Cares If Beautiful Brand Design Doesn’t Create Change?

Design as a strategic superpower in banking

Activating a design-led approach can delight customers, engage employees and stimulate innovation

Putting the ‘S’ in ESG with design-led innovation

A year in review

A four-point reflection on organisational health

The 6 questions leaders should ask when translating company purpose into action

Tallest towers and endless seas

The motivating power of visionary purpose

Does Your Culture Stand Up To Scrutiny In This Infodemic?

The coronavirus pandemic is driving up transparency.

Enacting Purpose in Testing Times: Aligning Culture, Strategy And Brand

Business purpose can drive deep transformation if the change process is inclusive.

A keynote in Kiev

Talking purpose at the Ukraine Marketing Forum.

The writer vs. the designer

Can the designer become the writer? And can words become the answer to the designer’s creative block?

Collaborate how?

An insight into our process

The Family Formula: Why values are so valuable

Part five in our series on how family businesses can flourish

The Family Formula: Why you can’t just keep it in the family

Part four in our series on how family businesses can flourish

Cause and effect

What is design effectiveness anyway?

The Family Formula: Why you need freedom and focus

Part one in our series on how family businesses can flourish

The Family Formula: Why growing also means growing up

Part two in our series on how family businesses can flourish

The Family Formula: Why old dogs need new tricks

Part three in our series on how family businesses can flourish

Is your business approaching a midlife crisis?

It might be time to work on your brand.

The joys and pains of type on screen

Good typography has been essential in communicating written messages pretty much since the invention of the printing press in 1439 by Johannes Gutenberg.

The joys and pains of type on screen (II)

Embracing Lovable Systems

We all know times have changed, so why haven't brand guidelines?

Infographic of the Week

UK election 2017: Conservatory party loses 12 seats while Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, has increased by 31

Consistency of spirit, not of style

Where there’s a brand, there are guidelines.

Racing to the middle

We live in a templated, automated, crowdsourced, customised, retweeted world.

Underground reading

Observations on the state of ads on the tube.

Peak screen?

We’re still creating more and more clever ways to show the same basic types of information.

Nation brands take flight

Picking the Bird of Britain.

After the handover

For us, the most important stage of a project is often when the brand is no longer in our hands.

A typeface that walks

Typefaces that have more than one weight are called families. I like that notion. They are like friends says Erik Spiekermann and I have a similar feeling towards many of them.

A tale of two experiences

I am a big fan of the National Trust. Every second weekend or so, I take my wife and children to visit an old family home, a beautiful garden or an ancient castle.

 No one lives in these properties. Yet they are full of life.

The state of the book cover

Book cover design on the radio.

Purpose: The Value of Authenticity

A webinar on how an authentic purpose can help your organisation thrive